Promote your event

Communicate about your event

Once you have the support of your community and have planned the event you will host, look within your community to identify communication tools to promote your event. Communication tools include:

  • newsletters
  • email groups
  • listing your event in your email signature
  • memos
  • church bulletins
  • flyers
  • website event caledars
  • signage at your organization

All of these will assist you in getting the word out to your community.

Your community

- Utilize communication tools that work best within your community

- Include the Who, What, When, Where, Why in your materials

- Include a contact name & phone number/email in your materials

Get People Involved

Once you decide you want to host an activity for World AIDS Day in your community, the first step is to let key people know about the opportunity and get their support. The more support you get from all levels of your organization or institution will ensure a successful event for your community.

In many settings you may need to get approval before hosting an event. Familiarize yourself with the approval process in your community and be sure individuals involved in that process are contacted at the beginning of the planning process.