World AIDS Day activity ideas for non-profits

Ideas for your event

  • Obtain resources, partnerships and secure funds as needed to host events and create materials
  • Submit a proclamation to your agency board stating that your organization recognizes World AIDS Day
  • Wear/distribute to others a red ribbon as a symbol of hope to work sites, schools and community groups
  • Contact schools, businesses, clergy, health care organizations and local agencies and encourage their scheduling of prevention seminars or DVD showings for their clients/staff on behalf of World AIDS Day
  • Hold a candlelight vigil at a public park or at your agency with singers, rappers, musicians, poets, dancers, performers and story tellers
  • Decorate a World AIDS Day tree, bulletin board, etc., in memory of those who have died of HIV in your agency lobby
  • Distribute World AIDS Day information:
    • place World AIDS Day information and links onto your agency's web site
    • encourage your agency to display posters, flyers, or brochures in your lobby and in your lunch rooms
    • send announcements about events, activities and resources using your agency's e-mail address books, mailings, newsletters and electronic bulletins
  • Write a letter or editorial to your local newspaper and other publications demonstrating support or listing your events for World AIDS Day 2019. In addition, take photos of your events and send follow-up stories
  • Contact the NAMES Project and bring The AIDS Memorial Quilt to your agency or sew a square onto the quilt
  • Display exhibits, posters, flyers, videos, or brochures about HIV at a public setting, event, library, courthouse or during an existing community event
  • Participate with other existing World AIDS Day planning groups and coalitions to host events