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1. Get Tested.

6 out of 10 Oregonians have never been tested for HIV. Testing is easy and can be done at confidential testing sites across Oregon or during your routine medical visit.

Get tested

2. Get PrEP.

If you are at risk for HIV, PrEP, a once-daily pill to prevent HIV infections, can reduce your risk of HIV by 96%. There are providers across Oregon who are knowledgeable about PrEP or ask your doctor about it.

PrEP provider list

3. Get Treatment.

HIV positive people who take daily HIV treatment, as prescribed, and maintain undetectable viral loads, have effectively no risk of sexually transmitting HIV to their partners. There are support services available across Oregon to help you get and stay in care.

Get treatment

Oregon has a plan to end HIV. As a community, we have the tools and expertise to stop new infections.
Join us.

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