Getting to Zero

One person can make the difference in getting to zero – here are all the things one person can do:

  • Get tested and learn your status
  • Encourage others in your life to get tested
  • Talk about HIV/AIDS with your partner, kids, parents, siblings, friends, etc
  • Donate to HIV/AIDS organizations
  • Ask your school, or your chold's school, what they are doing to educate kids on HIV/AIDS
  • Call your local politician and ask how they are supporting HIV/AIDS education
  • Volunteer at an AIDS organization
  • Participate in AIDS Walk
  • Find out if your workplace donates to organizations and ask them to donate to HIV/AIDS organizations
  • Call the Oregon HIV/STD Hotline and get educated
  • Address HIV/AIDS stigma when you see it
  • Attend a World AIDS Day event
  • Get linked to care, treatment not only prolongs your life, but can reduce transmission
  • Adhere to treatment
  • Talk about your status with those you love