30 actions for 30 years

  1. Get tested
  2. Educate yourself and your peers about the transmission of HIV
  3. Address the stigma and discrimination against those with HIV/AIDS in your community
  4. Prevent the spread of HIV by using a latex barrier consistently and correctly during sexual activity.
  5. Fundraise to support programs working in HIV prevention and treatment
  6. Attend a campaign event to encourage your local leaders to support legislation that funds HIV prevention, treatment, and care
  7. Create safe spaces to speak openly about difficult issues like sex, sexuality, and drug use
  8. Fight gender inequality
  9. Support comprehensive sexual education in schools
  10. Wear a red ribbon to raise awareness
  11. Organize a World AIDS Day event in your community
  12. Attend a World AIDS Day event in your community
  13. Post information about your World AIDS Day event on our website
  14. Support your local needle exchange
  15. Volunteer at one of your local AIDS organizations
  16. Reject common myths and misconceptions about HIV
  17. Fight racial inequality
  18. Fight homophobia
  19. Donate to your local AIDS organization
  20. Support HIV vaccine research
  21. Start or join an AIDS Walk team in a city near you
  22. Take a bloodborne pathogens training course at your local Red Cross
  23. Sign petitions and start letter writing campaigns to make your voice heard on Capitol Hill
  24. Start a club to take action against HIV/AIDS on your campus
  25. Support efforts to increase access to all medical services
  26. Write an article or editorial for a campus or city newspaper or newsletter
  27. Hold a candlelight vigil to remember those with HIV who have passed
  28. Mark other annual HIV awareness days in your calendar
  29. Educate yourself about the nature of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in other countries
  30. Post articles about HIV/AIDS on your Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter account to educate your friends