Promote: Get People Involved

Once you decide you want to host an activity for World AIDS Day in your community, the first step is to let key people know about the opportunity and get their support. The more support you get from all levels of your organization or institution will ensure a successful event for your community.

In many settings you may need to get approval before hosting an event as well, familiarize yourself with the approval process in your community and be sure individuals involved in that process are contacted at the beginning of the planning process.

Below is a list of ideas of who you might want to talk to during the planning stages based on different settings. This list is a guide to get you thinking about who you should talk to in your communities.


  • Principal
  • Parent Associations
  • Teachers
  • School Activity Groups, e.g. sports teams, clubs, etc.

Faith-Based Communities

  • Rabbi, Imam, Pastor, Elders or other Religious Leader
  • Social Groups within your faith-based community, e.g. social action committees
  • Congregants


  • Direct Supervisor, Managers
  • Co-workers
  • Business Networking Groups
  • Human Resources
  • Union
  • Diversity Councils