Activity Name: "Go Tell it with a Card"

Target Audience: Works with schools, organizations and general public

Source: 2009 WAD Planning Committee

Objectives: Make personal connection with people to educate, emphasize the frequency of HIV infection in the US, and use signature gathering to signify commitment to the eradication of AIDS.

Materials Needed:

  • WAD pre-printed cards with 9 ½ Minute logo on one side and HIV facts printed on part of the reverse side
  • A formatted signature collection sheet
  • Clipboards

Steps to complete Activity:

  1. Distribute 9 ½ Minute cards to participants as well as signature collection sheet and clipboard. Number of cards given is up to the person who will hand them out.
  2. HIV facts contained on the card will serve as a tool for a short discussion and/or educational opportunity.
  3. After the discussion the participant is asked to sign the sheet as an indication that s/he supports work to end the spread of AIDS