Activity Name: HIV Infection Rate

Target Audience: Middle or High School Students

Source: 2009 WAD Planning Committee

Objectives: Increase awareness of the Frequency of Infection in the United States

Materials Needed:

  • Enough white T shirts to distribute to 1 % of the student population
  • Facilitators: Student Group Support, e.g. Sports Teams, Interest and Service Clubs

Steps to Complete Activity:

  1. At the start of the school day, begin handing out a white T shirt (or red ribbon) every 9 ½ minutes to pre-selected or random students. Each T'shirt will denote one case of HIV infection.
  2. Every 9 ½ minutes, hand a T shirt or ribbon out to another students throughout the school day or until all the T shirts are distributed.
  3. Before the end of the day, hold an assembly to focus on HIV awareness and issues. At some point in the assembly, ask anyone wearing the white T shirt or red ribbon to stand up. Use this visual to talk about how someone is infected every 9 ½ minutes in the United States.
  4. Last period or homeroom teachers debrief with students after assembly regarding the experience and address the impact of HIV infection on people – especially people under 21.